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 Covid-19 and how it effects viewings

Here at Peregrine Property we’d like to give everyone who wants to arrange a viewing in person the chance to do so, but in a safe and secure way. We will always ensure that we follow all Government guidelines.


It would be great if you could only book an on-site viewing for a property that you are most likely to go forward with, rather than a  number of properties. You could be asked  by our friendly staff to provide further information such as where your property stands  in the market and your ability to purchase or rent a property.

On the day of the viewing if you are suffering any of the symptoms that are associated with Covid-19 then please let us know and  cancel the viewing, this is something we can re-arrange for you. Use hand sanitiser before and after visiting the property, you can  also wear protective face coverings.

Please refrain from touching items such as door handles and other surfaces, as all doors within the property will be left open for  your viewing purposes. Continue social   distancing rules of staying 2 metres apart throughout the viewing.


If anyone is suffering symptoms of Covid-19 please let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange all viewings for you. Remember to deep clean the property throughout and open all windows to ventilate the property.

As social distancing is key we ask all members of the household to vacate the property when a viewing is taking place so please remove all valuables from plain sight.

Peregrine Property – Our Responsibilities

Here at Peregrine we will strive to keep everyone safe and will carry out the following:

* Make sure all prospective viewers know everything about the property

* Ask all viewers if they have any Covid-19 symptoms

* All doors will be left open prior to any viewings taking place

* Hand sanitisers will be left for viewers at the property

* We will follow all viewers around the property keeping social distancing

* Once a viewer has left the property we will sanitise key areas such as door handles and other surfaces that may have been in contact with the viewer

* Where possible we will gain feedback before the viewer leaves the property

* All offers will be discussed immediately

 If you have any further questions please give us a call we will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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