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We’ve all seen local newspapers reporting the discovering of residential cannabis farms, it appears to be a growing problem. It’s never great to find out as a landlord your property has been use in such a way, knowing you have now a vacant property and possibly tens of thousands of pounds of damage to repair.

90% of cannabis farms are found to be from residential rental properties.

Why are they perfect to criminals?

Rental properties are ideal as criminals know they will cause damage to the property in order to set up the cannabis farm. Absent landlords is something criminals will thrive on, as the can operate undetected for long periods of time.

Location isn’t an issue for criminals often seeking property outside of town where larger properties often come with cheaper rent. A popular property type for criminals is terraced housing, this is because they are naturally warmer, meaning they can often go undetected by police helicopter thermal imaging.

What damage can you expect to find?

Damage is caused in many ways, ceilings, walls and flooring ripped out in order to support extra lighting. Water damage can occur from the many hydroponic equipment needed to grow the cannabis successfully. Electrical wiring is often damaged throughout the property to bypass meters.

This often adds up to well over £10,000.

How can you reduce the risk of this happening?

First choose an estate agent you can trust!

  • Make sure they fully vet the tenant, be fussy who you choose.
  • Make sure regular checks are made on the property.

You can never fully prevent this from happening after all criminals are clever and can quite easily bypass the above if you don’t choose an estate agent that’s on the ball so make sure you take out the right insurance.

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