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Top tips for getting your property ready for photographs and viewings

Great! You’ve decided to sell your house and perhaps you’re feeling a bit nervous about photographs and people viewing your home. You might know that ‘poor quality’ photographs can hide the potential of your home, decreasing the number of viewers and offers you could get.

Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve put together some essential steps you can take to ensure your home gets the best possible photos, whether they are taken by a professional agent or yourself. Think about it this way, potential buyers have to scroll through many houses advertised online, and usually, they make up their minds in seconds when they want to visit a property in person and put in an offer.

It’s always good to remember that the main goal is to make your home feel welcoming and ready to be lived in. With a little bit of dedication, you can get great results:


Here's the thing, your buyers want to see a place where they can move their whole lives into, therefore making your home look and feel bigger is so important. But how can you achieve this? Declutter, put stuff away and keep all surfaces free of clutter. This will make all rooms of your house instantly feel more spacious, cleaner and appealing to potential buyers. This is the perfect time to find things you no longer use or need and donate to charity. If your space is very limited, a great solution is packing extra items putting them away in storage. Check your local storage companies and you might discover some great affordable options.

Remember, this is a perfect opportunity to start organising and sorting out your packing early, which will make your life a lot easier once you sell your house.


Make all minor repairs. If a fresh lick of paint is needed, keep colours neutral to suit the most amount to buyers. Do your best to avoid bold colours, magnolia walls and/or busy wallpapers. Whites and light greys work well for contemporary interiors and it’s a perfect blank canvas for the new homeowners.

Clean everything until sparkles and sort out any unwanted smells. This is a very important step, simply because clean homes are easier to sell. You could even consider hiring a professional to deep clean every corner and all you need to do is maintain it as best as you can.


Good lighting helps spaces look bigger, airy and modern. When possible, choose a sunny day for your photos. If you ask any photographer, one of their best tips for good photos will always be LIGHTING. Energy-saving lightbulbs are a great way to fill your home with light in an eco-friendly and affordable way.

For a homely feel, maintain the kitchen and bathroom very well lit, and add lamps to bedrooms and living rooms, to give off a cosy, intimate look.

Accessorise appropriately to make each space feel like home. Make the beds, choose blankets and cushions that complement the rooms. Add plants and flowers to bring life and a fruit bowl in the kitchen for a flash of colour.

If selling during the summer months, keep your home fresh and airy. If selling during wintertime, do your best to make rooms feel warm and cosy.


Just as important as the interior of your home, is the outside. This will ultimately be what your buyers will see before stepping in. Make sure that your windows are sparkling and that your front and rear garden are well looked after.


These tips will work whether you decide to work with an Estate Agent who will take professional photos, or you decide to take up on all the responsibility and post your photos online.

If you decide to take the photos yourself, don’t forget to choose a bright day with plenty of natural light, open all curtains, follow all tips above and pay attention to the angle of your camera when taking the photos. You can take your photos with a smartphone, try and choose a wide-angle lens to showcase the true space. Position yourself in a corner of the room and lower the angle of your camera. Once you take a few, compare your pictures with some professional photos online, make amendments and keep trying until you are happy with your final photos.

If you decide to work with an estate agent, make sure you choose one who has experience in your local area and gives you an honest and accurate valuation. Remember that a good agent will know what to highlight and how to negotiate the price with your buyers.

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